Detroit City Study: Launch Party Open House

7-1-2016 5-19-27 PM

Visit the Detroit Center for the Launch of Detroit City Study, a new co-learning space for city students and community members, hosted at the University of Michigan Detroit Center, this summer. The Launch Party Open House will take place Thursday, July 7, from 5-7 p.m. in the Monts Hall Gallery.

Detroit City Study is a new co-learning space in Detroit, renovating the social and spatial relations of urban research and education. Motivated by a breakdown in the value and infrastructure of education across universities and cities, Detroit City Study argues that in order to rethink education we must replace it.  The project borrows from the model of co-working, opening up the practices of academic research through shared and open workspace, fit to the needs of academic work and education. The space will operate as a collaborative workplace for place-based research in Detroit with a direct focus on sharing research and making it more relevant to the public. 

The Detroit City Study will be open for students and community members to use as collaborative work and research space this summer, engaging urban researchers, students and community members in the first city-wide co-learning space. The City Study will also host a variety of workshops and forums over the summer on learning design, engaged research and public pedagogy, bringing university and community members together to co-learn over shared topics of interest. The space will serve as a bridge and an incubator for thinking through how academic knowledge can become more engaged with the public, and with the city of Detroit in particular. 

At the heart of Detroit City Study is the Academic Incubator, the City Study Stewards, made up of twelve Ph.D. students, who will be working this summer on collaborative projects in three different research clusters: Learning in the City, Place-Making, and Sustainable Humanities. The incubator is comprised of students representing over ten different departments and programs across the university. Together, they will incubate a host of interdisciplinary academic research projects and work collaboratively to translate their research into more publicly accessible forms. They will share their projects with the community at the culminating co-learning event, called the City Study.

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