July 1, 2016

City Steward: Chris Campbell

Research Cluster: Sustainable Humanities


Department | Department of Political Science

Subfield | Political Theory

Honors & Affiliations | Department steward and 2016-2017 bargaining team member, Graduate Employees Organization

Origin City | Auburn, California

Research Key Words | Ideology, praxis, democracy, identity

Research |

I study the political and social processes that shape our intuitions about the world we live in, blending the perspectives of the radical left with classical theories of democracy. This involves examining classical texts – primarily philosophical, but also literary – through the lens of practice and experience in order to emphasize moments of struggle and controversy in democratic politics. By focusing on the necessity of struggle in democratic contexts, we can make better sense of texts and experiences that emphasize political controversy, which also allows for a commitment to including and respecting our neighbors’ experiences.

Steward Statement | 

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do academic work in a way that’s more inclusive of the public and in dialogue with a broader range of perspectives than often happens in the context of the university. If we want our work to be relevant to a broader community, the first step is to invite the broader community to take part and help define what is relevant or interesting. Detroit is still a city in political and economic crisis mode, with its educational system in particular danger from current political leadership. I’d hope that our project will contribute to intellectual life in a way that emphasizes collaboration in the shared search for knowledge rather than competition over scarce political and economic resources. I look forward to putting the ideal of collaboration into practice.