July 1, 2016

City Steward: Mariane Stanev

Research Cluster | Sustainable Humanitiesdcs.headshots.mariane

Department | Comparative Literature

Subfield | Long 15th century, colonial literary and sonic production

Honors | Rackham Merit Fellow

Origin City | São Paulo, Brazil

Research Key Words | post-colonialism, gender, religion, sound studies


Research Statement |

I look at how documents, songs, and literary works from the early colonial era shaped and reflected communities at that time and where we can still see ourselves being influenced by those standards. I work mostly with the colonial baggage of religious and ethnic divisions in the “New World.” We can think of this baggage as the collection of attitudes and beliefs that helped to define who gets to be what in society, for instance, the direction in which money flows from public funds, what is considered to be good art, or even what a successful citizen looks like.

Steward Statement |

I would like to find out to what extent things like city planning and the cultural landscape in Detroit may reflect these standards of “colonial baggage”. My favorite feeling is finding out where our attitudes and habits come from. Both good and bad things we do come from parts of our past we often forget to look at or are a little bit hard to find until some nerd digs them up. I am that nerd.