July 1, 2016

City Steward: Mikell Hyman

Research Cluster | Learning in the CityDCS.headshots.mikell.1(2)

Department | Sociology

Subfields | Economic & Organizational Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Urban Sociology, Social Inequality

Honors | National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2012-2015)

Origin City | Brooklyn, NY

Research Key Words | Elites, Urban Inequality, Bankruptcy, Experts


Research Statement |

This summer, I will be collecting and analyzing archival and interview data pertaining to Detroit’s 2013 bankruptcy. My dissertation project explores the hypothesis that intellectual elites (accountants, appraisers, consultants, as well as economists) shape urban development trajectories in meaningful ways by mediating relations of trust and control between political and economic elites.

Steward Statement |

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, in the midst of New York City’s transformation from a near-bankrupt city to the economic capital of the United States imprinted me with a deep curiosity about how cities get made and unmade and remade anew. I hope that my research will generate insights for academic and non-academic audiences about how the production of knowledge shapes political possibilities.