July 1, 2016

City Steward: Peggy Lee

Research Cluster | Sustainable HumanitiesDCS.headshots.peggy

Department | American Culture

Subfields | Performance and Feminist Studies

Honors & Affiliations | Engaged Pedagogy Initiative Fellow, University of Michigan; Community Based Learning Consultant, Center for Engaged Academic Learning, University of Michigan

Origin Cities | Birmingham, AL; St. Louis, MO, northern New Jersey; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; New York City, NY

Research Key Words | sound and race; urban historiography; 1980’s-90’s horror culture; gender and sexuality

Research Statement |

I’m working on a music writing project for 33 1/3 that ties Detroit and New York City to themes of racialized death, spirituality, horror films, and rage during the 1990’s. Writing about music and performance cultures are engaged, public acts of memory-making and contestation, and as such, I hope to start some interview research with Detroit-based musicians and fans. I approach this project with overlapping interests in mental health, class, gender, and race, which I examine through Asian/American women’s cultural and activist production in my dissertation.

Steward Statement |

I see this incubator space as an exciting opportunity to make creative bonds across fields, and to respectfully get to know Detroit. I’m interested in deepening my understanding of the spatial loyalties of sound as it configures in and diverges from the racial and socioeconomic narrations of struggle and grit in Detroit.