July 1, 2016

City Steward: Samantha Hobson

Research Cluster | Place-Makingdcs.headshots.sam

Department | Sociology

Origin City | Chicago, Illinois 

Research Key Words | Urban, Nature, Cognition, Health


Research Statement |

My research involves a social-ecological analysis of how access to community green space in urban environments can alleviate the cognitive burden of people of color and enhance the social, physical, and mental health potential of individuals and their broader community.  This project will use experiments and longitudinal ethnographic analyses to look into the relationship between physical and social structures and its consequences at the level of the individual and of the community.  Being in Detroit will place me in the appropriate urban setting to search for potential field sites and conduct initial interviews.

Steward Statement |

I am passionate about this project because I believe green space in the urban environment has the potential to answer complex intersectional and multilevel social problems.  The effects of nature in urban space can influence social capital, enhance interpersonal relationships, and strengthen communities.  It has implications for school performance, job retention, familial relations, neighborhood safety, crime reduction, and economic activity.  I believe we can do a lot of good for a lot of people through very simple means.