July 1, 2016

City Steward: Gloria Elena Toriche

Research Cluster | Sustainable Humanitiesdcs.headshots.gloria

Department | Educational Studies

Subfield | Foundations, Administration, Research, and Policy; Areas of specialization: Chicana/o Studies and Black Studies

City of Origin | Alameda, CA

Research Key Words | critical race theory in education, Chicana/o Art, Social Justice


Research Statement | 

My project looks at Artist-Scholar-Activist Malaquias Montoya, one of the founders of Chicana/o Social Serigraphy and the Mexican American Liberation Art Front (MALA-F). My research seeks to understand Montoya in the roles of educator, mentor, and father in order to chronicle what I am conceptualizing as his contributions to the under-researched, “pedagogies of the movement”—those teachings generated from a collective civil rights struggle, assertion of community sovereignty, and project of cultural reclamation known as the Chicana/o Movement utilizing a Critical Race Theory (CRT) lens to analyze the Community Cultural Wealth framework.

Steward Statement |

The Detroit City Study’s Academic Incubator sparked my interest as it intersects with my personal and professional passion of finding ways to make the academy accessible for the community that surrounds the university—in this instance Detroit, specifically. My research is focused on the Chicana/o Art Movement of the late 1960’s in the Bay Area, in particular around the Oakland area.  I have found many similarities between Detroit and Oakland. Through this opportunity I hope to hone in my first set of findings through applying them in settings within the city of Detroit with the long term plan of how they would fit in Oakland.