July 11, 2016

Learning the City

Marsha at Mic


Learning the City

Marsha Music: writer; founder of Salon D’etroit


Tuesday, July 12

12:30pm-2:00pm, Dearborn Room

This session will feature Marsha Music, on the various aspects of how we can come to “learn the city” as well as some important history of the city of Detroit and its current moment.

This event is open to the public. Walk-ins welcome. RSVP preferred: shiras@umich.edu


Marsha Music is the daughter of a legendary pre-Motown record producer, Joe Von Battle, and west side Detroit beauty Shirley Battle, and has life-long roots in Highland Park and Detroit.  She is a writer, poet, independent historian, and a self-described “Detroitist.” 
She grew up in the activism of 1960’s and ’70’s Detroit, was a founding member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and later became a labor union president.At the age of 33 she was chosen by Monthly Detroit magazine as “One Of The 50 Most Powerful Women In Detroit.” 
After a hiatus from labor activism she began to write about the city’s music, its past and future. She is a noted speaker and storyteller and she has contributed to important narratives, films, and oral histories, including an HBO documentary. Her essays have been published in literary anthologies including, “Untold Tales, Unsung Heroes, An Oral History of Detroit”, “A Detroit Anthology,” and “Thanks for the View Mr. Mies: Lafayette Park.”
She is a 2012 Kresge Literary Arts Fellow, a 2015 Knight Arts Challenge awardee, and 2016 Ideas City Detroit Fellow. Last year, she was commissioned to create poetry for the celebrated Symphony in D, which she read in performances with the DSO. She lives in the community of Lafayette Park, a National Historic Landmark, and is married to the artist David Philpot. She reflects upon Detroit on her blog, Marsha Music, A Grown Women’s Tales from Detroit.